April 23, 2018

The JUVINESSE Edge: The Science of Electro-Stimulation

The JUVINESSE Edge: The Science of Electro-Stimulation

Traditional skincare methods can help you maintain the status quo, but they won't provide the same age-defying results you can get with the JUVINESSE beauty device. Lotions, gels and other skincare items simply can't penetrate deep enough into the skin to get at the root of what's causing signs of aging on your face. Our device uses cutting-edge fractional vibration and electro-stimulation to tap into your body's natural energy and kickstart your skin's own repair systems. As you age, the electrical communication between your cells diminishes, which is why your skin's renewal system doesn't work as efficiently as it once did. With the JUVINESSE beauty device, you can re-spark the link between your cells and renew your skin naturally.

Unlike the products that can't get deep down into your skin, our gel activators - which are packed with the minerals, vitamins and nutrients your skin needs for repair and renewal - allow for an intense and regulated flow of electro-stimulation. This ensures the beneficial ingredients your skin needs get where they need to go instead of being wasted on the surface of your face.

The science behind the development

To create our JUVINESSE beauty device, we logged five years of research and two years of design work, and we conducted safety tests over a two-year period on more than 500 subjects. With nine patents worldwide, we are bringing innovation to the skincare world in the form of a small, portable device that is easy to use.

During your treatment, our slew of researched ingredients are "injected" into your skin using electro-stimulation and fractional vibration technology. Because of this, you only need to press the button on the device for dispensing ingredients three times for each side of your face. There is no pain, no mess and none of the other unpleasant side effects that are sometimes associated with other types of beauty treatments.

You don't need to accept aging skin gracefully - or at all. With the JUVINESSE beauty device, you can create an effective age-defying beauty routine with the power of scientific research behind it. Our portable device is small enough that you can take it wherever you go, so you don't have to ever disrupt your life to make time for a treatment. Powered by just two small batteries and your own energy, the JUVINESSE beauty device is the new generation of skincare for genuine results.