March 31, 2018

the juvinesse device is so small and light designed just for you

The JUVINESSE AGE DEFYING beauty device offers revolutionary results from the comfort of your own home in a small, portable package that is easy to use. This Class I, FDA-approved device taps into your body's natural energy to activate the skin's healing systems, which become less efficient over time. The bio-electric signals that connect all of your cells diminish as you age, and this results in a decrease in production of the proteins needed to keep skin young, radiant and supple. With your device, you will be able to stimulate this repair system using its micro-currents so you can enjoy real results that are essentially derived from your own body.

Innovation drove its development

Innovative technology is what drove the development of the JUVINESSE device. With its gel injector technology, the device is still small enough that it can be used anywhere and any day, and it only needs two small batteries for power. For best results, you only need to use this powerful age-defying tool once per day for five minutes or every other day for ten minutes. Real results from a device this small are possible thanks to the five years of research and two years of design that went into its creation, in addition to safety tests spanning two years and the granting of nine worldwide patents.

Typical skin products struggle to penetrate the skin, which is why the JUVINESSE device uses fractional vibration and electro-stimulation to spark the skin's built-in renewal system and deliver its beneficial ingredients deep into the skin. When you use the device, you are "injecting" thoroughly-researched ingredients into your skin so they can get where they need to go for real benefits.

Real beauty made easy

This portable device is incredibly easy to use. It's recommended that you start with a clean face for the best results, and your kit will come with a JUVINESSE foam soap for this very purpose. This mild soap is effective and suitable for all types of skin.

To use the device for the first time, remove the protective plastic from its head. The bottom drawer is where the batteries go, and you can open it by pulling it towards you. Insert the two batteries you received in this drawer and then close it.

Once the device is prepared, open its top panel and insert your syringe. Press two times until the activator gel appears on the head of the device. After that, press the "On" button once and massage the face for five minutes in total, spending two and a half minutes on each side. Keep in mind that you need sufficient gel on the head, so you will need to press two times again when you switch to the other side of your face for treatment. For your convenience, the device will turn off automatically once five minutes have passed. When you are using the device, make sure the head stays in contact with skin and keep your fingers on the two chrome lines that run down its sides.

For best results, keep your focus on the area you're most concerned about and repeat the same movements slowly. Slow and precise movements give the micro-currents more time for stimulation. When you're finished using the device, massage any gel that remains on the head into your skin, and then wipe the device with a damp cloth and dry it.