May 01, 2018

Proper exfoliation must be part of all comprehensive beauty routines for truly healthy facial skin that looks as young as possible- juvoinesse gental facial peel

Proper exfoliation must be part of all comprehensive beauty routines for truly healthy facial skin that looks as young as possible. As you grow older, your body no longer removes old skin cells or generates new ones as quickly as it did when you were younger. The resulting accumulation of dead skin on your face can lead to dryness, more visible aging signs and other undesirable things, including clogged pores from trapped oils and blemishes.

When you regularly exfoliate, the accumulated dead skin cells that are clogging your facial skin are removed, revealing the new, fresh cells below. This also allows your other facial skin products to penetrate more deeply into your skin, which will make them more effective.

The JUVINESSE facial peel gently cleans and purifies your skin for that youthful glow, and it also tightens pores, making them appear smaller. With this effective peel, you can easily remove dead skin cells and excess oils for a noticeably brighter complexion and a renewed skin surface.

A gentle yet effective peel

There are many facial peels out there on the market today, but they tend to fail in one of two key areas: effectiveness and skin condition impact. A peel that is too mild will not irritate your skin, but it also will not effectively remove the dead skin on the top layer of your face, making its use a waste of your time and money. Peels that are too harsh, however, can actually damage your skin, leaving it red, overly dry and more prone to blemishes and skin breakouts in general. Harsh peels tend to be mainly made from abrasive chemical ingredients, which is why irritation and side effects are so common with these types of products, especially in people with more sensitive skin.

Unlike the competition, the JUVINESSE facial peel effectively removes old skin while still being gentle enough to avoid negative side effects. Our peel contains natural plant extracts to help increase results and leave your skin more refreshed.

Using the facial peel from JUVINESSE is easy. Massage a small amount of the product onto dry skin using soft, circular motions. Wait about two minutes, then resume massaging until you notice a peeling effect. Once you've gotten that effect on all of the application areas, rinse your face with warm water and gently pat dry. Because the skin near the eye area is very sensitive, you should avoid using the peel in those spots.