March 06, 2018

first lines at age of 25, with juvinesse skin system you can prevent it

Time stops for no woman or man, and once you hit around age 25, the signs of aging start marching across your skin. Usually, fine lines pop up first, followed by wrinkles and a loss of density and volume. There are several reasons for skin aging, but the good news is that not all of them are inevitable.

To prevent skin aging, you first need to understand how outside and inside factors affect your skin's structure and function so you know exactly how solutions such as the JUVINESSE Beauty System combat this effect.

Your losses start in the layers

Epidermal layers, the topmost part of your skin, see both a reduction in lipid production and slower cell turnover as you grow older, which means dryness and roughness. This skin layer also becomes more sensitive to ultraviolet light and less able to heal itself.

Next are your dermal layers, lying below the epidermal ones. Here, starting at around 25, you experience a 1 percent decease in collagen production annually. Collagen is your skin's "building blocks," so this loss, combined with the decline in elastic, really compromises the skin's structure, resulting in wrinkles and skin that is more likely to take damage. The reduced blood flow also impacts the delivery of oxygen and nutrition to the surface, which is where the rosy glow of youthful skin comes from.

The deepest subdermal layers mainly see changes in the number and size of lipid-storing cells. This shift increases volume loss, which can mean deeper wrinkles, hollow cheeks and delayed healing.

The inevitable internal forces

Internal forces that age your skin are factors you simply have no control over. As you get older, your blood supply to the skin simply isn't as efficient, so you lose that youthful glow as the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the surface declines. Genetics also impact how you age; your natural skin type governs how much signs of aging show and can even have an impact on dryness.

Factors under your control

External forces are things that you can control to at least some reasonable degree. This includes sun exposure, pollution, smoking, nutrition and lack of care. UV rays can wreak havoc on the skin, causing signs of aging known as photoaging and uneven pigmentation. Pollution triggers the release of free radicals that damage skin, and the chemicals found in tobacco products also increase free radicals in the skin.

Last but not least on the external factors list is nutrition and lack of care. When you do not get proper nutrition, your skin's natural ability to heal itself and thrive will suffer. If you don't care for your skin, you'll feel the same effect in addition to more obvious signs of aging.

The JUVINESSE age-defying beauty system is a real solution

The cutting-edge, Class 1 and FDA-approved JUVINESSE age-defying beauty system is a portable product you can use at home that actually combats some of the external skin aging factors for results you can see. This device uses leading electro-stimulation to spark the microcurrents in your skin's natural repair system, helping to bolster the production of essential proteins such as elastin and collagen. Reduced production of collagen and elastin - no matter how it happens - are responsible for many aging signs, including uneven skin tone, fine lines, firmness loss and wrinkles.

With the JUVINESSE device harnessing your body's own energy to foster a continuous wave of stimulation to your skin's healing systems while only using two small batteries, we've created a powerful, simple-to-use device that produces genuine results you will be able to see.